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Campaign website for Malaria No More UK

Case Study

Campaign website for Malaria No More UK


Launch a simple yet compelling campaign website to draw the attention of the British people to the problem of Malaria disease.


UI/UX Design

Web Development




Malaria No More UK is a Non-Profit organization that aims to end death caused by malaria.

Marzee's team helped the Malaria No More Communication team launch a campaign to bring the British people's attention to the malaria problem.

In just four weeks, our team designed and developed a modern and compelling website for Malaria No More UK.

Check out the Zero Malaria UK website.

Tech Stack

We are using Sanity as our Content Management System (CMS) which is built using NextJS in the front-end, hosted at Netlify which provides a reliable and secure environment for our website that is accessible to everyone.

We have incorporated several features to ensure the website operates smoothly and efficiently. These include a user-friendly interface and regular maintenance checks to ensure everything is up-to-date and functioning correctly. Our goal was to provide the best possible user experience, and we are continuously enhancing the website's functionality to achieve this objective.

Content Management System, NextJS, Netlify, Content Delivery Network

Project Highlights

From Design to Delivery, we worked closely with the Malaria No More team and we were all thrilled with the result.

  1. Web Design

    The design process for the Zero Malaria campaign website was a straightforward and efficient process. Our team worked collaboratively to create compelling and user-friendly layouts that effectively communicated the campaign's message.

    The Malaria No More team had a clear vision of the structure and information flow, so it was an easy marriage between the UI and their view. Since there was a visual identity to draw inspiration from, the overall look and feel needed to be a logical extension of it. While having prior visuals to start from helps tremendously, it also poses a challenge in how to break from them in different directions without violating the brand guidelines.

    Small page snippet from the Zero Malaria UK website

    The typography and colour palette was part of the brands' campaign, so the main focus was to create visually interesting sections that contribute to a layout balanced between conventional and unconventional. At this point, the UI faced a triangle between extending the brand, implementing new visual rhythms, and maintaining a solid information flow. At the end of the day, to be a key factor in the success of the Zero Malaria campaign, the design had to allow effective communication of the message of the campaign and build a concrete visual link with the overarching brand.

    Small page snippet from the Zero Malaria UK websiteSmall page snippet from the Zero Malaria UK website

    We maintained close communication with our client throughout the design process to ensure success. We provided regular progress updates to guarantee we met their needs and added value to the proposal rather than simply creating a visual representation of their brief point-by-point. By implementing an agile methodology, we adjusted the designs based on feedback, resulting in a swift process.

    The entire design was created with both the design and development stages in mind. This means that the UI team used best practices to seamlessly bridge both stages in a progressive manner. They made the handoff with structured files built in Figma and provided clear communication about all the mutable properties of both the components and pages.

    Fullscreen view of the Figma mockups

  2. Animations

    Animations played a pivotal role in enhancing the visual appeal of this Zero Malaria’s website. It helps to communicate the campaign more effectively to the visitors. Using animations, we provided users with a dynamic and interactive experience, increasing engagement and retention.

    GIF of a user scrolling down the website with animations

    It helped us pass on the campaign message in a simplified and easy-to-understand way, making it easier for the users to comprehend and remember its messages.

    GIF of user scrolling down the page with animations
  3. Content Management System

    We chose to use Sanity as our content management system due to several reasons:

    • It is a very user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate and operate, making it an ideal choice for small or simple websites.
    • It offers a range of features and tools that enable us to manage our content effectively and efficiently. For instance, it allows us to create custom content types, set up workflows, and collaborate with team members seamlessly.
    • The free-of-charge plan provides ample storage and bandwidth, which suits the website's current needs. Overall, we believe Sanity is an excellent choice for businesses or individuals looking for a robust and flexible content management system that can scale up as their needs grow.

    The use of Sanity as a content management system (CMS) was a significant factor in the success of the Zero Malaria campaign website. It provided a user-friendly interface that was easy to navigate, allowing the team to quickly and easily update the website's content.

    Sanity's simplicity was a major advantage, as it allowed the team to focus on creating compelling content rather than spending time on maintenance and upkeep. Additionally, the support from the community was instrumental in ensuring that any issues that arose were quickly addressed.

    The system's speed was also a key benefit. MNM team could quickly and efficiently update the website, which was essential in meeting the campaign's tight deadlines. The quick response times also allowed the team to make adjustments on the fly based on user feedback, resulting in a more engaging and effective website.

    Sanity Studio as a CMS for campaign website
  4. Staging Environment

    During our Agile development process, we consistently kept the Malaria No More UK team informed of our progress by delivering components on time and communicating with them regularly. This allowed us to establish a strong partnership with them and ensure that their needs were being met every step of the way.

    Additionally, we provided detailed reports and analyses of each component, which gave them a better understanding of the development process and helped them make informed decisions about the project's direction. Overall, our commitment to transparency and collaboration was a key factor in the success of this project.


The whole process of creating this campaign website was very straightforward. From design to development, Marzee team took no longer than 4 weeks. We were in direct contact with MNM team gathering feedback every step of the way.

By leveraging the power of Netlify, we achieved an unparalleled level of cost savings that allowed MNM team to focus on the campaign itself.

We were able to streamline our development process, improve Zero Malaria website's performance, with zero to low overall costs. In addition, Netlify provided us with Next.js-exclusive features that enabled us to deliver exceptional user experiences and drive engagement.

Overall, the use of Sanity provided a solid foundation for the Zero Malaria UK campaign website. Its simplicity, good support from the community, and quick response times allowed the team to focus on creating compelling content, resulting in a successful campaign that effectively raised awareness of the issue of malaria in the UK.

The technology stack we used was incredibly efficient, especially for projects with tight deadlines. Not only did it allow us to quickly develop and deploy the necessary features, but it also provided us with the flexibility to make changes and improvements as needed.

Additionally, the robustness of the stack ensured that the system remained stable and reliable, even under heavy loads. All in all, the use of this technology stack proved to be a wise choice and contributed greatly to the success of the project.

Marzee team was straightforward to work with and delivered everything on time. They were also very responsive, quick, and reasonably priced. I found them to be great, and they always let me know if they weren't available during a particular time. We communicated through email and Slack.

Mike Hamilton, Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Malaria No More UK