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Marzee Business Results in 2021

Marzee Business Results in 2021

After a very uncertain 2020, the Marzee team decided to gather information about our results and achievements during that year and make it public so not just our employees would have access to the year recap, but also our clients, partners and any other person interested could see how the year went for this small web development agency.

We believe that sharing is indeed caring and we decided to do it again this year and share the results for 2021. As a small group of like-minded people working on the web for many years now, we are proud of the work we deliver and we are always seeking to improve.

2021 was a good year for us as a team and we are ready to grow and do better in 2022. Like last year, we prepared an infographic with the results that you can see it here.

Marzee 2021 results in a nutshell

With one more team member in 2021, we worked on more projects in 2021 than in 2020 and we were able to increase our partner network by 13%.

More important than that, 77% of the new projects we started in 2021 came from our existing client-partner base, which means that in general, our partners stick to our team when it comes to building websites and platforms.

We continue working remotely for clients all over the world and in 2021 we added 2 new countries to our list: Switzerland and Ireland.

Our team has been working distributed since the company was created back in 2012 and we have a series of best practices that makes our daily operations and interactions run smoothly.

Slack and pair-programming are our best friends and we can prove it.

As a group of young developers (yes, even though some of us are programming for over 18 years, we still like to think we are young) we enjoy trying out new technologies and trends. Our team is constantly exploring and using new technologies and infrastructures looking to deliver value to our partners.

We like to go beyond just delivering good quality code and we are proud to be guiding our partners through the enhancement of their tech architecture and improvement of their web products.

In 2021 we continued using a lot of ReactJS, NextJS, AWS and also monolithic CMS like WordPress and Drupal. We also had the chance to further explore GraphQL, implement automated tests using Cypress and connect a Blockchain back-end with a ReactJS front-end by using Web3.

Last but not least, we have worked on amazing projects that we are very proud of and we present some of them here, so you can have a small pick on what our team was up to during the last year.

  • We built an MVP for an American startup so they can start testing their first product aiming to address the racial inequity children face in schools in the USA
  • We redesigned a WordPress website for one of our past partners so they have a new website for the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe. Check it out here
  • We developed an art repository for the Office of the Arts of the KAUST University so their community could share what they have created during the Covid-19 pandemic. Check it out Cinq
  • We gave our front-end support and guided a new startup team during the development of their NFT marketplace website
  • We helped a campervan rental startup to evolve and maintain their website so they can grow their business. Their website is thriving on Google results. See it here

You can check the full infographic here!

We delivered great products and we made our partners happy! See what they have been saying about us.

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