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How We Created Our New Brand

How We Created Our New Brand

MARZEE is undergoing changes, evolving - from its positioning and internal structure to its visual identity and website. After 10 years of wonderful work and fulfilling projects, we've decided to renew our brand.

The MZ brand was created 10 years ago in Barcelona. The name and visual identity spawned from the connection the team had with the sea. That set the tone and feel for what was to come.

Over the years, the brand both followed and inspired the spirit of the team and was ever-present in the work delivered.

With the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the company, we decided the brand needed to grow and mature, just like the people in the team. Basically, a new look to mark a new chapter.

Keeping the sea as our core inspiration, we wanted to pursue a path that would represent how far we’ve come as a company but that could also set the tone for where we want to go next.

The process was very fulfilling, and we’re thrilled to share a bit of this journey.

What’s your name again?

For 10 years, we were Marzee Labs. A team of developers who simultaneously delivered solid work using established and proven tech but at the same time keen on experimenting with new upcoming tools and solutions. Just like a lab.

Over the years, we were, above all, diverse. From guiding international organisations on how to use the Agile Methodology and delivering high-quality software projects to creating our own Static Site Generator Stack or even developing a project using decoupled Drupal with React, even before Headless development was a big thing.

That was the Labs in Marzee, a fundamental part leading to what the company is today. After a decade, we now feel we are ready to drop the Labs. It shouldn’t be an add-on to Marzee but an integral part of it, implicit in its core. A simpler and more memorable name, recognized as experts building everything web.

Web development Innovation at our core

We are excited to continue building on our strengths and leveraging our expertise to drive innovation and growth across the company. While the Labs may no longer be a visible word, Marzee, remains committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers in the industry, sharing progress with our valued customers and partners. So yes, Labs is still in our core and energy, forever driving us.

Where to go now?

When we were thinking about the brand’s identity, we wanted it to relate to our personality as a company: modern, young and dynamic all at the same time. The creative team focused on thinking about the aspects that make us strong as a team and how we want to be seen.

Marzee is modern, young and dynamic

One solid and crucial point was to have the sea as the source of inspiration to represent interconnection.

The sea's vastness and how it connects different parts of the world has always been an analogy fitting our vision. We believe we are stronger and bolder when we connect and collaborate with our peers. We can have a wider impact when we combine tech expertise with an open business mindset.

At the same time, we wanted the brand to reflect our history and aspiration, the team’s fluidity, our flexible approach towards building web products and our solid expertise after 10 years of building amazing websites and platforms.

Fluid Communication and Solid Software Development

Building the new logo

Keeping in mind the ocean-inspired personality, we have decided to relate both fluidity and stability to the logo. One is represented in the symbol, and the other in the wordmark.

New logo, New brand, matured web developers and designers

When it comes to the formality of the design adopted, it's not just about layout and typography. The colour palette is just as important in creating a cohesive and visually appealing look. With that said, it's worth exploring different colour combinations and shades to find the perfect balance that suits the project's goals and objectives. It's crucial to take the time to experiment with different hues and tones to find the right fit.

Modern and clean design

We strived for an elastic band, embracing dark and light themes, working both complex gradients and simpler flat colours, striving to be adaptive to several contexts, just like the team.

JavaScript, React, TypeScript, WordPress, Drupal

We are happy to share our new brand on a newly built website and mark this new chapter of our history.

We hope to expand our connections and become a point of interconnection for a wide range of experts delivering high-quality work. Again just like the sea is filled with diversity, we also want to be diverse, varied in the typology of the projects we pursue and as broad as possible in our relations.

Care to dive in with us?

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